Sturgis... You're a slacker - New Episode Tomorrow

Episode Summary

7/8 Months... Good Job Sturgis

Episode Notes

So.. Hi again.
Long time no see.
I figured this time around I wouldn't hype up something. Instead only coming back properly when I have content proper.

What happened this time:
So long story short.A mixture of creative funk, not wanting to stare at editing software, ....videogames...., and the existential dread of having a 2nd child coming in the next coming months (all good now love both the boys, also happy mothers day to everyone including my own mom and the mother of my children - Love you Hun!)... Really comes down on you all at once.

But taking this slow. New episode tomorrow. (5/13).... another new one next week Monday (5/20). Then another 2 next month. Get back in the groove of things. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for sticking around. And thank you to all the people that have said "STURGIS GO RECORD GOD DAMMIT"... I needed that.